Just the way I adore you

  I have an exam tomorrow so I had to focus on anything but my coursebooks My table has a glass jar with plastic flowers that used to be in an old vase My mom doesn’t like it She says the colours of the flowers  look good in the vase But mom, don’t you see a night sky in the jar, so clear that glitters sparkle like stars. The flower is the moon on an eclipse, trying so hard to fit in because people aren’t used to seeing it red and yellow when all they adore is a bright moon … Continue reading Just the way I adore you

A world only we see

The world only we see has comets, it has threads which connect us. It has love, which no matter where our bodies and memories go, stays with us. It has your name. Your name: my palms wanted to remember it but  you chose to make them reminisce your love. In the world only we see, we live in each other’s bodies, we don’t just use them. The threads that connect us, they can separate us too. If they can make us fall in love, they can make us forget each other, but not completely. Every moment, we feel a part … Continue reading A world only we see

No one cares what my random thoughts are but I still gotta post!

I like nights. Nights when I am late to home from college. These are the nights I actually know what a late night walk is. In typical Asian families, you don’t get to go on one (if you are a girl) until you show them a real need like how you need to buy a graph paper for the maths homework you are not going to do anyway. I hate Maths. I was good at it till grade 9. Cheers to those who relate. Trust me, we will get through all the problems of derivative and integration. I love singing … Continue reading No one cares what my random thoughts are but I still gotta post!